Her Story

Sultry. Strong. Sexy.  She has history, drive, and love for family and God.  Often fearless, yet humbly bashful, she writes with passion and honesty. She sings like a storm is trying to steal her soul, yet she is playful, flirty and downright funny.  She is more than a wife, more than a mom, more than a friend…she is a strong woman with dreams and loaded weapons…a pen and a microphone!


Tiffany Carlen is a singer/songwriter with family roots stretching from New Jersey where she was born and raised, to the farms of Illinois where her grandmother, Katie Dunn Carlen, raised seven children, and now Texas where she calls home with three children of her own.  Katie Dunn was her first musical inspiration.  One of the Dunn Sisters Trio, she was well known for her yodeling and western songwriting.  She played guitar for the likes of Roy Rogers when she was just a teen, but it was playing for her family that built a legacy to be carried on, something Tiffany is proud to be a part of. 


I have an old soul with a modern day boldness.  It’s definitely reflected in my lyrics.  I don’t hold back.”


Tiffany’s vocal style was influenced by her mother Jane’s contagious love for Patsy Cline and a tenacious attitude she undoubtedly passed onto her daughter.  Her sound is distinctive, a blend of voices from the various places she has lived over the years.  It is full of a passion for blues with the soul of country music, keeping her lyrics truthful, moving and fun.


Each of us has a story to tell and my passion is to tell them with music, knowing that somewhere, someone

might be crying along with me or smiling to an awakened memory.  Music is a life line.”


Over the years Tiffany has graced the stages of opry houses, thrived as lead singer of a band, conquered entrepreneurial success and started a family.  Her debut album, appropriately titled “It’s a Girl Thing” is available now.   The title song is an engaging, fun and upbeat anthem for the girl deep down inside every woman.  Women value many things such as family, friendship, strength, legacy and ‘getting what they want’, something Tiffany works at every day. 


I get what I want when I want it bad not because I think I deserve it.  I get what I want because I don’t give up,

I push through barriers, I crave change and I go for it!”


If Tiffany’s middle name wasn’t Kathryn, it would be tenacious.  She hopes to leave a legacy for her daughter and other girls to believe in themselves, believe in shattering glass ceilings and understanding the word “NO” isn’t a road block, but rather a detour sign to a smarter path paved with determination.  

The debut album is relatable, fun and sexy…and no doubt a driving force for women from the back country roads to the big city streets. Hop in and enjoy the ride!